Below is my post on the TZ Public Forum as a reply to marsha's nice feedback regarding my website. I received such generous help from so many TZers, it would just not have been fair not to mention their names:

One more thing>>>

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Date: 11/4/01 20:44

In Response To: Thanks Marsha! I am very glad that you liked my site>>> (Link to copy on my website)

Being a quick shooter, I would like to add this to my quick first reply:

My watch website would not have been possible without the help of many of you here. I happened to visit TZ PF in June 2001 (I had visited TZ before maybe 2 or 3 times, but did never post) looking for a information regarding setting a Seiko Perpetual Calendar. During those last 5 months, I have learned a lot about watches, movements, companies. I have probably learned more then in 25 years of collecting before. I had mainly a "Swiss View" of the watch world. Having been living in Switzerland for the first 40 years of my life definitely molded my perception of watches. The enthusiasm for Japanese watches however dates back to those days. My friends used to pull my leg when I was (again) wearing a "cheap" Casio: you have so many Swiss watches and now you show up with this piece?. It was very interesting for me to see the "American View" and "International View" of WIS. Quite amazing some of the differences of appreciations for the same brands here and there.

Sorry for the long prelude: this is what I wanted to say:

1) Thanks to all of you TZers for posting corrections to my posts. Without corrections we will never learn. E.g. I like to mention Richard Smith, who tought me about readability and instruments and dial design and functionality. That was very late at night, and yet very inspiring.

2) Thanks to all of you TZers for your feedback, positive, negative, any. It is a Public Forum, so all feedback has to be welcome. And from negative and still constructive feedback we are able to profit the most.

Please do not be embarrassed if you do not find your name in the following list, my insomniatic life-style does not always allow me to retrieve all my tapes in the archive ;-)

3) Thanks to all of you TZers for the help I received regarding my photographic skill development, namely but most likely not a complete list:

(I try to be chronological to some extent)

*OneSound (Sam) for PhotoShop lessons, adjusting curves, layers
*Paul Delury for valuable hints regarding lighting, setup and for his professional feedback on my pictures
*Robmks (Bob) for many good compositions hints, PhotoShop hints, setup hints and also for his professional feedback
*Mike Disher for showing us a detailed view of setups he used on Time Exposure
*Hans Zbinden for directing me to Aperture Priority Manual Mode and many other hints regarding photography
*Ūrkny for posting his information about setups and reflector cards just seconds before I left for the stationary shop, what was great timing and of course for his ongoing sharing of his PhotoShop expertise
*SteveG (Steve Gurevitz) for many PhotoShop hints, especially cutting out objects and feathering and of course for setting photographic standards to unbelievable high. If you do not believe me, visit his watch website on Do not forget to close your mouth afterwards ;-)
*Jocke for his inspirational creativity on Time Exposure (have a look at his work there if you are into watch photography, Jocke is a real photography enthusiast)
*Rob E. for correcting a wrong perception of mine regarding Aperture and depth
*and All of you who encouraged my first photographic steps despite sometimes shaky quality

And last but not least

4) Thank you all TZers for making this place so exciting. Thank you for all the watch tech posts, the news, the stories, the answers, the scans and for sharing your enthusiasm on this board.

Without your help there would be no watch website of mine.

Best regards