City Chain, Hong Kong
Not really a manufacturer, but a very large watch retailer in Asia

City Chain "Magic Skeleton" ETA 2824 with changing Face!
Front Clear Front Dark Top Back Buckle Wrist Clear -
the Magic persists
Wrist Dark

A bit more about City Chain and Stelux Ltd. Hong Kong
Owning Holding company is Stelux, owned by a Thai-Chinese. Stelux (STL) was quite famous in Thailand because they were Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for Seiko and Citizen bracelets. The blue STL on the NOS bracelets can still be found today. In 1997 the companies around Stelux got a big hit like many other business in Hong Kong. City Chain owns or produces for a couple of watch brands in Asia. Their popular lines of watches include Titus&Solvil, Cyma, Ellesse, Adidas and also quite surprisingly they seem to be the general distributor for the higher end brand Universal Geneva.