Lap Timer with 100 Memories

Pretty clever this Lap Timer
Besides storing and being able to recall 100 lap times, or split times, this watch features calendar, alarm, 1/1000 seconds chronograph and timer. And the looks are quite good too. I like the shape of the bezel, gives the watch a round feel. Unfortunately it is bi-directionally rotating. Maybe an association to a tire was intentional. Also it was one of the first watches with so many features plus electro-luminescent backlight. The marketing department left a note regarding this printing LIGHT on the dial. Similarly to Casio watches, Citizen watches are also splattered with lettering. Even a miles/km conversion scale is printed in red on the strap. I am slowly but surely convinced, that this must be a Japanese "thing"
Funny anecdote: I got the biggest compliment once for this watch from a CEO wearing his Breitling AEROSPACE Analog-Digital watch. When he learned about the price (ca. USD 100) he had to get one himself too.