Lap Timer with 100 Memories

I am very fuzzy about Scratches
So if you find a couple of scratches on the back of this watch, that means, it got quite a bit of wrist time. And it did at the time I still had my motorbike (I sold it in 1997). The EL backlight provided good light to find a keyhole, but relatively poor readability of the digital displays. And of course, a WIS finds an "error" on every watch. It was not possible to set the alarm time on this watch in the dark, because the same button was used for the light as for some settings of the alarm.
Even I treat my watches extremely carefully regarding scratches, scuffs and dings, some scratches on the back seem to be unavoidable. Given the extremely dusty roads here in Thailand, I would guess, that sand and dust also added to the brushed finish of the case back.