Diver's 200 m with Data Transfer System

End of Battery Life Display
is showing intermittently BATT and TIME since 4 years! About 4 months after purchasing the watch, the display already showed, that the battery would be exhausted soon. After 4 years, it still shows the same. The reason is that the watch uses a high capacity CR2025, which is slightly thicker then the CR2016. The CR2016 is probably the most used watch cell of this size. The CR2025 in this watch kept it running for more then 8 years!
I am not a diver, but I like all sort of watches. And this one looks IMHO very nice for a digital watch. Also the gold-plated parts of the bezel, bolts and push buttons add to the good looks. And as we all know, gold is a highly corrosion resistant metal too. The golden arrow points to the data connector which is located opposite the sensor. I also like those black insets into the bezel. The one on the senor side looks aggressively sporty and always reminded me of an Enduro bike's front mudguard. De gustibus non est disputandem - one cannot argue about taste.
The small round window above CITIZEN is a red LED showing that the watch is recording a diving depth log. There is also the US Navy's Depth/Decompression times table printed on the rubber strap.