Citizen Wingman, ca. 1997

At least clear instructions what to do after replacing the battery

But in case, shortening the "R" and the metallic shield (Citizen calls it plate on the green plastic cover) did only revive the digital part of the watch. To be correct, the digital watch part started immediately without shortening "R" and the plate. However the analog part did not kick start at all.
This is about the 3rd Citizen that did not kick start after having been resting for a couple of years. The gear train (and that is very very very fragile work) needed to be disassembled and oiled. Only after that treatment, the analog part started to run again. Also the Quartz Driving machine was not able to revive the analog gear train. I start believing that Citizen's plastic wheels get sticky with age and that is the reason why it is so difficult to get them running after they had been resting for a couple of years. I am mentioning this in case you want to buy an Ebay second hand Citizen with that famous "watch is not running, needs a new battery probably". We are not that stupid, are we?