Citizen 3 Radio Watch, Left

Antenna in the Crystal
As you can see, the copper antenna is encased in the thick mineral crystal, protruding ca. 2 mm. While you could argue that esthetically, this is a pretty clumsy approach, as an engineer you would simply smile because you knew this position is pretty smart as it allows for the best reception. And my personal experience confirms it: this 1st 3-band radio watch had a very good reception. I quite often took the watch to the cinema. Cinemas are not places known for great reception: twisted stair cases, thick walls to insulate noise. And that was the reason I took it there: (for an engineer) there are few things more interesting then to try to manually synchronize a RC watch while waiting for a movie to start...
And ... what might seem "esthetically clumsy" to a "normal person" might as well be an eye candy for an engineer and vice versa. De gustibus non est disputandem, one can not argue about taste as the Romans used to phrase it.

The mini manual above
I wrote back in 1993 (actual size is 8.5 cm by 6 cm only, or 3 3/8 by 2 3/8 inch) because the watch was quite hard to use when "playing" with the synchronization. Still, this is one of my favorite Citizens; an engineering masterpiece. And I like that they put this one out into the market. Following models with the antenna added to the side of the watch head did not look that "cool" in my opinion. This one was a real discussion starter. "What's that copper thingy doing?"