Titanium Analog Alarm Chronograph

Replaced the Battery R395 in Nov. 2003
And an old love was a new love. I do not exactly know why, but this watch is one of my favorite Alarm Chronographs. Maybe because the alarm is really audible, which is rare enough for this species of watches. The Ti case back serving as a diaphragm seems to be very suitable to let some of the alarm buzzing out of that watch. Normally those Alarm Chronographs are only audible when one sits in a quiet office.
And I even remember the day I had bought this watch. I was sitting in the railroad to work to Berne. I was just going to the dining car to have a cup of coffee, but suddenly I had to rush and leave the train, 70 minutes had elapsed without me noticing it. I was so occupied playing with all the functions that I almost forgot to leave the train in Berne. It was a sunny late summer day. Is it not amazing what kind of memories we WIS are able to recall thanks to our watches?