Titanium Analog Alarm Chronograph

Very light Alarm Chronograph due to Titanium
Also a good example of a sports/dress alarm chronograph. Also nice integration of the leather strap into the case. I am quite sure that there must have been a bracelet version of this watch. Also quite unsual are the cut-out 5 minute markers on the outer bezel and the pink gold plated hands. And also observe, that the watch has 4 push buttons and one crown but no function subdial. Later models had one crown and 3 push buttons and the selection of the functions was done by pushing the 8 o'clock button.
I remember, that the operation of this watch required some knowledge and studying of the user manual to memorize all the different functions. Because if I remember right, the watch also had a timer function, otherwise I would not know, why one could "waste" 4 buttons :-)