Analog Digital Temperature Alarm

Nice feature on this Watch: Temperature Alarm
Besides the normal Alarm, Chronograph, Dual Time and Temperature, this watch will also measure the temperature when the alarm goes off. A nifty feature, because you can set the alarm and the temperature at a given alarm time is measured, even the alarm sound is turned off. So you could e.g. measure the temperature in your hotel room during the night.
The small main time dial is not that nice though, but overall, a very nice tool-toy-gadget-watch. This was my Vienna watch. I remember that so clearly because during my 14 days Vienna teaching stage, the curtain to the Eastern Block went a little bit up: Hungary opened the borders to Austria and it was a lot of uncertainty in the air, whether the U.S.S.R. would tolerate it. In 1956 about 20'000 Hungarians lost their lives in an attempt to free themselves from the iron Warsaw Pact grip. About 50'000 Hungarians fled to Switzerland, that is we still have a quite large Hungarian community living in Switzerland.

The battery type is Renata 391 or Maxell 1120. The battery retaining spring lever is quite difficult to replace, because it is quite tiny and because two ends have to go underneath two hook-like retainers. There is no need to shorten the AC contacts, but when I replaced the battery, I had to open the watch again, because the red A2 hand did not work at first.