Analog Digital Diver's 200 m with Data Transfer System

This Watch is BIG
But I remember very well having it seen on the tiny wrist of a lady wearing Jeans and sport shirt when visiting a popular view point with friends near Berne: it was the perfect watch for that woman. I immediately regret, not having worn my one at that time. I like the checkered areas of the bezel. And what a design consistency: the crown shows the same pattern. Another compliment to Citizen: the Data Transfer System is compatible with my Digital Diver's 200 purchased previously. A fact not seen to often in the rapidly changing world of electronic watches. Due to the clever design of that docking station, this watch fits and allows to be used with the same software as well. Of course Citizen also profited, being able to re-use components.
Interesting hands too, allowing to read the digital displays regardless of the hour and minute hand position. And have a look at the tip of the minute hand, there is another luminous area with the bold black line underneath matching the circular lines of the digital displays. OK, I will stop know, you noticed, I like this watch.