"Diver" 100 m WR Alarm Chronograph with luminous Dial
GN-4-S C110 089006

My Kuala Lumpur Watch
Right after I had bought this Alarm Chronograph I went to work on an IT project in Kuala Lumpur. Our customer was so nice to invite us to a round of golf, he had noticed that we had worked every day until past midnight and thus said on Friday morning, let us go and play a round. We drove past the crowded mosque to the Kuala Lumpur Country Club and I still remember the two Singaporian players in the locker room: "What a nice watch! Where did you buy it?" I told them that I got it in Bangkok's inexpensive Maboonkrong shopping mall, also known as MBK. "What does it cost please?" "Less then a round of golf here I guess" was my answer and they made big eyes. Because they thought the watch was a lot more expensive. They had just flown in to play a round here in Kuala Lumpur where the difference in the green fee to Singapore easily pays for the flight.