Eco-Drive Chronograph AT2095-07E

Great wrist presence and great bezel action
I am still in the watch honey moon with this one. But I really think the love will continue. Due to the light weight and the flexible rubber band, the watch sits on the wrist most pleasantly. In case you wondered: this is a 60 minute chronograph. The sub dial at 2 o'clock will always display the 24 hour time. At first I thought it would function as an hour counter as well. But this is not the case. The sub dial at 10 o'clock is the minute counter. The sub dial at 6 o'clock displays the running seconds. Also, this chronograph does not display split seconds. There are some Citizen models which will display e.g. the 1/20 second on a sub dial. The model here only allows you to stop second intervals up to 60 minutes. The chronograph hand will always stop on a minute marker. And on my watch, the hand hits the markers straight on. The 60 click uni-directional bezel has a nicely defined action and is very easy to grip. You can turn the bezel by holding it with two fingers on the side or you can turn it with one finger from the top. The serrations make that possible.