Eco-Drive Chronograph AT2095-07E

Sometimes you just get lucky
I was casually placing the watch on the window sill of the Sheraton Syracuse University and then immediately noticed the nice reflection of the laser etched inscriptions of the case back. The window sill's cover was a light cream color and and there were some scratches in it too. Thus I had to find a better background. And there was no white paper in the room. Plus the cloud kept hiding and reappearing from clouds. Suddenly I remember having spotted a printer in the Starwood Club lounge. I rushed there to get a white printer sheet before the sun was gone. And if the sun knew I needed its light, it kept playing hide and seek. I shot 35 pictures to make sure I got the nicest reflection possible.
On a side note: the weather in Syracuse has been something special. I have been in many climate zones, but I have never experienced quick weather changes like these in Syracuse. It could be sunny and virtually within minutes pouring down like tropical rain. Our taxi driver told us that Syracuse had a wet spring 2013 and that the summer was not much different. This also explained the "flash flood" warnings on the local TV station.
On our first Saturday, the weather was overcast, no rain. We went to register our daughter at the University's Summer College. But when he headed towards the auditorium for the orientation a strong wind and heavy rain tested our clothing. And of course the rain and wind would cease once we reached the lecture hall after a 10 minute walk. I learned the lesson, I never went outside anymore without an umbrella. And I will stick to that principle for future visits of Syracuse. I am not sure what causes these fast changes, but I think the vicinity of the Great Lakes and the lack of elevations might have an influence.