Eco-Drive Chronograph AT2095-07E

Great textured dial and bezel material
This image emphasizes the texture of the dial. If you look perpendicularly at the watch the saw pattern is barely visible. What is really intriguing: the textured part of the dial is the actual solar cell. If you hold the watch against a strong light you can see a purple hue that gives away the solar cell. Also the solar cell part is slightly transparent. Citizen has really done some incredible engineering creating ever more interesting solar cells. With many of today's Eco-Drives, you could not tell that they are solar powered. When I see a new Citizen, I will always look for the "Eco-Drive" on the dial.
Citizen manages to hide the solar cells even on white dials. And Citizen's bet on the "Eco-Drive" has been a huge success in my eyes. I like Quartz watches, but I like solar Quartz watches even more. No battery changes and if the watch has been in a drawer or a watch box for a long time, 30 seconds in sun light will almost always revive it. If you like to charge your "empty" Eco-Drive, please be careful not to expose it to direct sun light for too long. Also if you use a desk lamp, be aware of the heat. Check the watch's temperature from time to time when you shower it with light. Especially if the watch face and or case is black.
I am not sure about the material of the bezel. Upon close inspection I noticed that the surface looks more like a circular brush. You might be able to spot that near the 35 minute marker. When looked at from the side, the surface of the bezel looks different from the gloss polish case. I did not find any information about this, but in my opinion, the bezel could be aluminum. And I did not (yet) feel like popping off the bezel and check with a magnet. And of course I will not check it with a magnet with the bezel in place. Quartz watches' rotors do NOT like magnetic fields. Remember that when "playing" with your demagnetizer. Once a Quartz watch's rotor is demagnetized, it will not oscillate anymore.