Eco-Drive Chronograph AT2095-07E

Is the case number of this Eco-Drive. Also you notice the grooves for the screwed case back. Earlier Eco-Drives had a one piece case. That means that if the buffer battery needs replacement, the crystal has to be removed first. Luckily Citizen uses top quality buffer cells. My first Titanium Alarm Chronograph from Citizen is from 1996 and it is still keeping the charge perfectly.
If you dislike integrated bracelets or bands, this might not be the watch for you. Of course - with some skills - you could cut a leather band or another rubber band to fit these lugs. If you want to learn how to cut a leather band or a rubber band to fit an integrated bezel, then please ask on the main discussion forum of how to do this. We have several members that have successfully altered bands to fit integrated lugs. Thanks to a height of only 11 mm and a weight of only 78 grams, the watch wears extremely light.