Shanghai Diamond Watch Factory Automatic

It must have been 1997 when I had some time besides work
to stroll around Shanghai. I left the subway near the Shanghai main station and enjoyed walking around without having a plan nor a target. I was just enjoying exploring the town. This is when I found an obviously genuine Chinese department store. There was no English on the front of the building. It was simply the arrangement of windows and the large entrance that suggested this to be a department store. When I arrived at the watch department, I was welcomed by smiling personnel. I only learned a bit of Chinese in 1999 and the staff at the watch department knew as much English as I knew Chinese. I asked for a piece of paper and then drew a watch dial. Using the ball pen to mimic Quartz movement first. Then I let the ball pen tick around the dial in small steps. This demonstration did the job though. One staff arrived with this watch above. Not really my dream design, but it was the only automatic watch in that department store. So I decided why not. I had been walking a very long distance and it was really an unforgettable shopping experience as well. Walking out of there without a "trophy" would have been simply wrong.