Gold Coin Pocketwatch by Shanghai Stop Watch Factory

On Saturday May 7th 1999 the US bombed the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade
You can read about this in great length in Wikipedia. During this time I was working for a customer in Shanghai. During the weekend, I flew to Bejing to visit a friend. After having finished an Italian dinner in Bejing, our driver quite nervously whisked us into the car and drove us back to the hotel. He then told us about the bombing. The next day, we planned some sightseeing and on our way we passed the area of the US embassy. There were a lot of people throwing paint bags and rocks at the embassy and the police was occupying each intersection trying to get a hold of the situation.
On Monday I was back in Shanghai and obviously all Western corporations instructed their employees to stay in the hotel. A whole day in the hotel seemed like very boring to me. I thought by myself that this was not that serious after all. I enjoyed the day off by visiting some highlights of Shanghai. And in one of the famous temple gardens they had a souvenir shop. This Gold Coin pocket watch immediately talked to me. And the price of 66 Yuan (ca. USD 8) was yet another temptation. I was walking the whole day around Shanghai and nobody showed any aggression.

PS In the picture above you see a new replacement crystal. The original crystal had received a hit and started to crack.