Double Rhomb NOS 70ies Handwind with Chinese markings

This Export Quality shows a significantly better Quality
Then the movements for domestic sales. Here is the open back of a watch I bought in Gueylin in 2001. The watch was of course a lot cheaper to. You can see the similarity of the movements, especially the bridges. I will later shot a better close-up of the watch for the domestic market, but the difference in finish is significant. Also interesting, the marking "ZLN" is missing on the Export watch.
All the important wheels are jeweled and the watch also features an Incabloc-like shock protection. Those watches are ca. 30 years old and I was really positively surprised, how clean that movement was. This is the shot of the movement without any cleaning.
Also very interesting, the bridges have similar Avant-garde lines as the A.Schild handwind movements, please see here a picture of a AS 1130 for a comparison. A. Schild also known as ASSA, was one of the leading manufacturers in the 60ies and 70ies and the biggest competitor of Eterna in Grenchen, Switzerland. Today all those watch manufacturing companies are amalgated into ETA, the movement arm of the Swatch group.