Cold Coin Pocket Watch, Hongye Watch, Shanghai Diamond Watch Factory

Pocket watch and Hongye feature almost identical Movement!
This came as a surprise. The pocket watch and the Hongye had an almost identical movement. The only difference was the inscription on the main bridge: ZUAN for the pocket watch vs. ZLN for the Hongye wrist watch. But thinking about a communist industry, it is not really a surprise! Also note the huge plastic spacer it takes, to hold that wrist watch movement in that pocket watch. Of course, this is done very frequently. Today (2001) we have a somewhat special situation: due to the enormous trend for huge watches, many wrist watches contain pocket watch movements ;-)

The automatic movement in the Shanghai Watch
has not been identified yet. I have compared it to my small collection of Chinese watch movements and found no similar movement. Maybe its the rotor shape, but the movement reminded me of a Citizen/Miyota (copy)