CERTINA, Solothurn, Switzerland

CERTINA Automatic ca. 1990
ETA 2824-2, 17 Jewels, hand winding but not hacking
(older photo 2002)
(older photo 2002)
(May 2006)
Open 17 Jewels
Economy Grade
Winding tool In Operation
HOW TO kick start dry movements
ETA 955 412, 7 Jewels, Battery R371
Front Dial Back Movement

Triple Date Moonphase Quartz
ETA 255 483, 7 Jewels, Battery R373
Front Dial Back Movement
CERTINA DS Quartz with flex Bracelet
ETA 955 112, 7 Jewels, Battery R371
Front Back Spring Movement Dial

CERTINA is a brand I have always liked
 I do not know why exactly, but I always felt that this company produced nice and simple watches and did not spend all the money for marketing. CERTINA was a solid middle class brand in Switzerland and then one day, it became a main sponsor of the motorbike circus. But since I like to ride motorbikes myself, I continued to like Certina. Although today CERTINA has unfortunately given up much of his mechanical great past, it still produces rugged watches. DS used to be a famous abbreviation on the dial and back of some of the CERTINA watches, it stands for "Doppelte Sicherheit" or "Double Safety". This means the watches have an extra shock protection and water resistance. The DS logo was a neat little turtle, a very nice symbol.