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Watches with material problems are  marked in light orange

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My experience with newer Solar CASIO models


G-Shock MRG-1 Database Rubber Titanium, ca. 1996
Caliber 1556, Battery CR2016
Front Back Wrist Wrist Side Buckle My first G-Shock bites the dust The Parts Wrist (3 pics)
Cleaning info


G-Shock Mr G with real Analog-Digital Synchronization MRG-130T
Caliber 1760, two Batteries R373 and R364 (or SR916SW and SR621W)
Front Front 1 Front 2 SYNC Display Bracelet Front Side 1 Side 2 Movt 1 Movt 2 Back Wrist
GT-000 G-Cool
Cal. 1514, CR2016
Front Side Back 1 Back 2 Open 1 Open 2
G-Shock Raysman Tough Solar DW-9300
Caliber 1583
Front Top Top Back Back Raysman Logo Wrist Wrist Side Another G-Shock
bites the dust
Strap Loop
Analog Digital Alarm Chronograph AD-702
Caliber 388, Battery SR920W
AD-300 Illuminator Analog Digital Chronograph
Caliber 1320, CR1616 + SR920SW
Front Back Movt Front Back Movt1 Movt2


First Twincept Metal ABX-620
Caliber 1353, Renata 395 or Maxell SR927SW
Second Twincept Metal ABX-632
Caliber 1756, 2 Batteries LR1120
Front Back Movt Front Back Movt


DBW-320 Alarm Chronograph Telememo 30 and 3 Alarms
Caliber 838, CR2016
Front Back Movt


BGP-200 Multi Planner 3 World Time Zones
Caliber 931, CR2016
Front Back Movt


Flight Planner DW-7700
Caliber 954 Battery CR 2016
Front Close-Up Back Open Wrist on new NATO
from Randolph Nilsen
Inexpensive locally
made Nylon Olive Dab>>


VDB-1000 The first TouchScreen, probably the
smartest Casio ever built with menu interface
Caliber 658, CR2016
Front Back Movt Reset Instr.
VDB-2010 Second TouchScreen Hotbiz 200 Memory Protect
Caliber 1554, CR2016
Front Close-up Back Movt Reset Instr.


DB-2000 Hotbiz 200 Memory Protect
Caliber 1498, CR2016
(very similar to Hotbiz TouchScreen VDB 2010)
Front Back Movt Reset Instr.

Menu-driven Casio DataBank DBX-100
Cal. 216, Batteries 2 x CR1220
Super cool interface, but disintegrated
DataBank DB-X112 (plastic case)
Cal. 642, Battery CR1616
Display Back Side Movt Front Back Movt


The slimmest DataBank DBX-103
Caliber 642, CR1616
DBM-150 First Memory Protect DataBank
Caliber 1079, CR2016
Front Back Movt Reset Instr. Front Back Movt Reset Instr.


First Casio DataBank DBC-610, Oct. 1988, Berne Interdiscount
Cal. 676, Battery CR1616
Front Side 1 Side 2 Back Movt
Casio Multi-Lingual DataBank DBC-611, Feb. 2014, Central Silom, Bangkok
A love story is reignited after 24 years!
Cal. 3228, Battery CR1616
Front & List of Functions Back Wrist


Analog Digital Database with Personal Data AB-550
Caliber 372, Battery LR 1120
Opened watch on Casio Table II>>>
Casio FlipTop DataBank IA-1000
Caliber 727, Battery CR 2012 (runs erratically with a CR2016)
Keyboard rubber deteriorated!
Front (dark dial) Side Front and Story Opened Back
PRT-500 PRO TREK Twincept Twin Sensor (Alti, Thermo)
Caliber 1376, CR2016
Front and Story Sensor Close-up Crown & Back Clasp Back Movt Reset Instr.
ALT-6000 First Twin Senor (Alti, Thermo)
Caliber 950, CR2025
Front Back Movt Wrist Wheaterman


Stylish but overprized Casio Databank and World Timer HBZ-100
Caliber 1811, CR2016
Front Close-up Side Back
Front Jog-Key, Dec 2002
Caliber 2149, CR 2016
On Wrist 1 On Wrist 2 Back Movt 1 Movt 2 Movt 3

The IR and Game Department - CASIO's "More then just time!" at its best

TSR-100 First IR Thermo Scanner
Caliber 1190, CR2025
CMD-40 Second IR Wrist Remote Controller
Caliber 1174, CR2032
Front Side Back Movt Front Display IR Sender Back Movt
JG-100 First IR Game Watch with Message Communication
Caliber 1268, CR2032
Front Another View Display and Buttons IR Sender & Receiver Back Reset Instr.

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CASIO Watches that left my collection and went to friends:


ABX-67 First Twincept Calendar Resin
Cal. 1758, 2 x R394 or SR927SW
Front Dial Calendar Back


G-Shock Mr G 100T Titanium, ca. 1998
Cal. 1569, Battery CR 1216
Went to a good watch friend in NYC in July 2006
Front Logo Top Back Back 2 Movt


G-Shock Mr G Titanium
Wrist Wrist 2 Wrist Side Clasp

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