The slimmest Database Watch

This Watch and a friendly Polish Policeman
are linked by the following funny story (that is how I look at it now): Oktober 1993, I was visiting Warsaw amongst other destinations in Europe. I was waiting to visit the Warsaw Castle (former Winter palace of the Polish kings) and I was looking for a restroom. Finally I found a small coffee shop that offered a pay toilet for 2000 Zloty. I am not going to convert that now, just read on please. Having only a couple of million Zloty bills (one million Zloty equaling approximately USD 14), the friendly guy offers immediately to change the money for me. 
After a couple of minutes he came back with a pile of the dirtiest and oldest bills I have seen. It looked like a lot of money. So I went to the toilet and I looked at the pile of bills again. What the guy probably never expected, I counted the bills: 498'000 Zloty only! So the guy wants to cheat me for half a million Zloty. I am not the guy that likes those jokes. So I go out of the toilet and hand him the pile of bills and say I want my million bill back and I would change it myself. Of course the guy starts arguing. Then I see a policeman standing in front of the Castle's. The guy looks at me and is already scared, because he can see, that I would probably not speak Polish and his English vocabulary might have been around 5 words. Anyway, I explained my problem of the exchange fraud by first typing 1'000'000 into the watch in calculator mode, then I typed 498'000 and pointed to the guy at the coffee shop.
The friendly policeman understood the problem in less then a minute and walked straight over to the owner of that coffee shop. The started shouting at each other, that seemed to be the normal protocol. And then I got bored and saw a KFC shop just around the corner. Suddenly I had a suspicion, I went there and asked the black shop manager whether he had just changed a million Zloty bill. Yes, he said and immediately offered to support me if necessary. I went back to the policeman and the shop owner, they were still shouting at each other and told the policeman, that I knew, where the money had been exchanged and that I had a witness for the change. The crook in the meantime had changed his strategy pretending I gave him a 500'000 bill only and that I would want to cheat him. Anyway, the police guy smiled and asked the coffee shop crook, whether he wanted to go with him to the KFC shop and that is when the crook started a unbelievable flow of curses (that is at least what I interpreted), went to the back of his coffee shop and returned with 500'000 Zloty bill.
Mr. Murphy wanted, that the toilets in that Warsaw Castle were clean, heated (remember it was end of October) and even had golden tiles and golden door knobs. I felt really stupid when entering those glamorous restrooms. And they were free too!