The second Touch Screen Hotbiz

So what has improved in the second Generation?
Actually nothing. The intelligent operating system of the first Touch Screen disappeared. Funny icons (depending on your humour) replaced the Menu 1 and Menu 2 I liked so much. And in addition they block a large part of the screen. The icons on the first line stand for data categories Business, Meeting, Private, Personal.
The touch-sensitive display is the same, you can see the same white dots marking the coordinates of the screen. Ah yes, one thing has improved: memory protection. At the end of the battery life, you will not have to rush and change the battery within 1 minute, the memory chip will hold the date for a much longer time. So there is a bit of improvement at least.
Now if you got the impression I would not like this watch, you are wrong. I have a very big heart for watches. The looks definitely improved, the bracelet looks better and the whole watch comes in Titanium, making it incredibly light.