Second IR Wrist Remote Controller

The Second Generation is Learning
A truly amazing toy watch! And it has new a learning function, thus being able to store and recall any IR signal from any device, almost. There are 40 TV signals and 15 VCR signals pre-programmed. Another 15 "free memory stacks" can be assigned to any of the 15 buttons (the buttons on top of the watch). I used the free stacks to program my CD player. Any industrial IR application within the specified frequency range would work. Car keys of course (at least those from more expensive cars) use other non-recordable signals. I could release the shutter of my Olympus using the watch too, but the range was reduced to 3 meters down from about 10 meter maximal range (7 meter says the manual). 
The only criticism I have is that those TV and VCR pre-programmed signals are numbered, so you either end up carrying the manual all the time, or you memorize the most important TV brands. If you go through the other pictures of this watch, you will learn, why it could be useful or at least funny to know the signals by heart.