Second IR Wrist Remote Controller

Some Anecdotes using this Watch
Monday morning, Zurich Main Station, Coffee shop: I am drinking my breakfast coffee and am playing with my Wrist Remote Controller, suddenly one of the huge TV screens (2 by 3 meters) goes on. Hm, I thought, was this my watch? I pointed the watch at the adjacent screen and pushed the Power button (red) again, yes! So my watch's signal went all the distance from my table at least 10 meters away to the receiver around 3 meters above the floor. Remember, it is the railway station, the ceiling of the cafe is at least 6 meters high. The staff behind the bar look at each other and try to figure out, why those screens suddenly went on.
One of my brother's sun owns one of these watches too. We went to the cinema and bought our tickets and has some time before the movie started. It was Saturday evening, the shops of course closed already. Nearby was this TV store with many TV sets on stand-bye. Yes, of course we turned them on and switched to MTV and raised the volume ... quite amazing the noise half a dozen TV sets produce .. and of course, we turned the sets off again.