PRO TREK Twin Sensor Twincept

Another smart watch from Casio
Combining Twin Sensor technology and Twincept display. The watch is very voluminous, but due to the resin case, suprisingly (disappointingly?) light. But if you climb up those steep hill, you will forget, that you found the watch being to light! Casio Altimeters have a fantastic accuracy. When hiking with my Father (of course he now also has a Casio Altimeter;-) we will always use the map's height indication, the Thommen Dosimeter (yes, that is from Revue Thommen's instrument divison) and compare it to the Casio. It is really stunning, the Casio shows the exact height within 5 meters!
Casio and other Japanese manufacturers will always find a reason to print the advertising and part of the manual somewhere on the watch. Thus you can see the Auto Light function is also available. The fastest way to drain the battery by the way. You rotate the watch on your wrist to an angle of approximately 45% degrees and the Auto Light will turn on the EL backlight for about 30 seconds. That functions makes most sense when driving car at night or in a tunnel.