Multi Planner with 3 World Time Displays

A cute little and light quartz watch
The most remarkable feature about this watch are the three simultaneous World Time Zone displays above the larger display segment. One little problem: you have to remember what world times you selected in those little windows. But you can easily switch between the 4 displays and then see, what was selected. I normally ordered the 3 world time zones according to their difference from UTC, top left would normally be NYC, then BKK in the middle and TYO right most.
Please forgive me, but I like the looks of that watch. Even the watch is very small. It is the perfect watch to wear, if you do not really feel to wear a watch, because it is also incredibly light weight: ca. 42 grams on the original blue leather strap. The watch is only about 35 mm wide, and also in a flat case. It wears like "nothing" thus in the year 2006, slightly out of trend ROTF!