ILLUMINATOR Analog Digital Chronograph
one of the first Illuminators

I am being a bit sarcastic, I know ...
but did it really have to be ILLUMINATOR and CHRONOGRAPH on the very interesting bezel? I have no idea why many Japanese watches spoil their designs with too much text.
The watch is nicely protacted by the metal top sheet and I like the looks of it. Thus this was my motorbike watch, when I still had my little Honda Jade (a very nice sparkling dark green) 250 ccm. After getting bored of being overtaken on the highways by all those Beamers, I upgraded the bike to a Honda FireBlade 900 ccm, which I sold in September 1997. Of course a "plastic watch" would not do on a 900 ccm with Yoshimura front suspension, race carburetor and Kevlar exhaust pipe (145 horsepower...265 km/h ;-). That is why I preferably used the Seiko MACCHINA SPORTIVA by Giugiaro on that bike. The wind could have lifted the metal cover of this Illuminator at that speed - just kidding. The real reason was the better readability of the traveled time, all those Casio Analog Digital Chronometers feature really tiny LCDs. That allows no safe reading on a fast bike. Today I know, it should have been any chronograph with a Lemania 5100 movement!