Hotbiz Database 200 Memory Protect

Buttons for  Masochists!
I am talking about those round up and down buttons on the lower part of the case! The touch screen is definitely of a more mellow nature. The second Touch Screen Hotbiz watch is very similar to this one. The "funny" icons have been replaced with more pragmatic abbreviations. The only difference between th3e second Touch Screen and this Hotbiz watch are the quick text lists provided. There are the typical "Birthday", "Meeting", "Party" entries pre-programmed. So you do not have to torture your fingertips by using those scroll buttons to enter the characters. This just reminds me: did Casio actually know, how hard those buttons were, and is this the reason, there is quick text? Or am I becoming cynical again. Of course, I also like this watch, despite the tough buttons. The looks are definitely better then the one of the Touch Screens. Or let us say, less propeller-head-like ;-) Click here for a better impression of the really nice techno design of this watch.