G-Shock Raysman Tough Solar

You can spot that the case material and the red "G"
is really a sticky mess. This is after I cleaned the red smear around the "G" with a cotton cloth as good as possible. Below is the smeared "G" before I cleaned it today November 8th, 2013. I haven't touch that red G-SHOCK inscription at 12 o'clock because it would turn into a smeary mess as well. The main problem seems to be the grey material on the case. This should not happen to a watch company that is counted into the Big Three in Japan. My advice to watch enthusiasts: buy less expensive Casios (sub USD 100) so you do not feel sorry for all that money wasted.
I know that this watch is more than 10 years old. But still, it cost several hundred US dollars back when it first appeared in the Thai market. I would expect that these kind of plastic materials are researched for longevity BEFORE being used in watches.