It is a pity the Battery is dead
I will replace the battery of this watch to shoot a more informative picture. This is one of my favorite G-Shock designs and it was quite a seller ca. 1998. I like the dual display green on black and black on green. Although the green on black display on top is very hard to read in dimmed light. But it does scroll nicely and that looks really good in bright light.
But I like the watch because of its "cool" design. The "golden" EL Backlight button is nicely complemented by "gold" colored bolts on the side. You can see those on the next picture. Also the strap's end links look nice with the sparkling resin. To me, that is one of the best G-designs ever.
The watch stores a hundred so called Telememos (Phonenumbers or Schedules) and offers also Memory Protect. Further there is a Vital Stats section allowing to enter a multitude of personal data.