Flight Planner with 3 World Time Displays

The small r-shaped Display
shows whether there is Data or an Alarm or D.S.T. specified for Time Zone 1, 2 or 3. This is definitely an advantage over the Multi Planner display. But this is really about the only difference. Looking at the main display segments shows the exact same layout with Day on top, then Date and then Time. The Japanese Art of progress in "Small Steps".
When in local time mode, one presses the REVERSE button at 2 o'clock (you can see RE only at the upper right edge of the picture) and then each sub dial flashes briefly while the city name is displayed where you see the date on the picture. I have set the watch to Paris, Bangkok and Tokyo, so when pressing REVERSE, the first round sub dial starts to flash and PAR shows where TUE stands, then the middle sub dial and BKK and then the last one with TYO for Tokyo.