First Twincept Calendar

Twincept is a great improvement - keeps dials clean!
When was the picture taken? 16 October 2001, no problem! Even on the picture the blinking date of "today" is visible. For people with good eyes, the Twincept technology really offers great possibilities. To watch a video on demand on a Casio Twincept watch, we will however have to wait until next Christmas ;-) But the calendar will at least help, not to miss Christmas, or for that matter, any date until 2019. Interestingly not all calendars of the Twincept watch models show the same end year, some end 2019, some 2039. Are the chips' capacities really that limited? I guess, the Casio programmer of the 2019 tried to catch an earlier train to go home, whereas his collegue "2039 San" stayed in the office longer and went straight to the bars. Domo arigato "2039 San"!