The first Touch Screen

Definitely one of the smartest - if not smartest - Casios ever produced
I really love this watch! A mini computer on the wrist long before PDAs were a topic! Menu driven, full of features. That is also why I normally replace the battery on this one. And I used it quite a bit, that is why you see a brandnew TouchScreen on this one. The old one got some scratches and I was dumb enough to try to get rid of them. So I sent the watch to Casio Switzerland and they promptly mounted a new touch-sensitive display. CHF 50 was the bill, but it was worth it. The touch-sensitive display requires relatively small fingers, or a Palm-like stylus. But it is amazingly accurate. The small white dots you see, act as coordinate system of the display, so no electronic calibration of the screen is required. The coordinate system is hard coded.
This watch definitely borrows some features from the Casio diaries, contrast control, memory usage etc. are very similar to the once famous (pre-PDA days) Casio diaries. I was probably one of the first to use the battery driven FA-100 interface (a huge box by standards of today) to synchronize my Casio diary with my PC (Phonebook, Scheduler). The software worked flawless, remember, that was 1990! Long before the first Pilots, Palms and other hand-helds.
Of all the function mentioned, you unfortunately get to see the end of battery life function only ;-)