First Infrared Thermo Scanner

The Fondue Watch
Despite the "laser cannon" I like this watch design. The case is nicely curved. OK the Casio marketing department managed once more to "litter" the surface of the watch. It is amazing, how marketing can obviously overwrite all design concerns by placing a text to any availably space of a watch.
But now to the interesting technical side of this watch: it allows to measure temperatures in a wide range over a period of time. There are three settings for surfaces: "Free" (user calibration), "Skin" and all "Other" surfaces. I bought this watch in Interlaken, a little later my wife got her first Rolex from Bucherer. We went for dinner to celebrate our new purchases and the waiter really looked puzzled when I started scanning the temperature of about everything on the table: metal forks' ambient temperature (being lower because of the free electrons in metal), the temperature of the melted cheese in the pot ("fondue" means melted, that is were the name for Fondue came from), the coffee and so on. It was a lot of fun! And that is why, I will always remember this watch to be my Fondue Watch.