First Infrared Beamer Watch

This is my "Bangkok Traffic Jam Watch"
A watch definitely designed for kids at school (message communications allows neat cheating during examinations;-). There is a message communication part with pre-written quick messages and storage for your messages. And most importantly for me, there was this game built-in: Whip, Sword and ...forgot the 3rd weapon, might have been an Axe... similar to the Rock, Paper, Scissors game. You had to win a certain number of times and there were different levels (worlds) you had to complete. The aim was to climb-up to the highest level of the tower (highest world). After every level finished, you had to enter a password, you had to stop spinning numbers and stop the numbers at the right time. If you missed, you had to play the entire level again. Later on, the some numbers were crossed out, you got e.g. 5x34, so you had to stop the spinning numbers at 5, then you theoretically had 10 guesses to make to get the second unknown cipher and so on. And of course there was a time limit to stop the spinning numbers and the time limit got shorter the higher the level was. Grueling, but a lot of fun!
Probably not intended, but this is the perfect watch for Bangkok's congested roads. Especially during my first years in Thailand 1995 to 1997 the traffic was horrible, that was before the Thai Baht crashed.