Stylish World Timer and Database HBZ-100

Crazy Pricing Policy
I saw this watch in a Casio dealer catalogue first. In Thailand being a developing country only, new arrivals are almost always late. Even for Japanese watches, we are in the average 6 month behind. I was used to pay 2'000 Baht to 6'000 Baht for my resin Casio watches, 12'000 to 18'000 for the Titanium models. But when the sales person told me, that is watch would cost me 1'000 Swiss Francs or 27'000 Thai Baht before discount, I was really puzzled.
OK, the bracelet is very nice, has polished versus brushed areas, but that is about it. Even if they would have mounted a sapphire crystal (they did not), it would have never justified that price. That was just ridiculous. This was in the year 1998, the Baht was still roller coasting up and down to find its fair value. This crazy price strategy did not pay off, the watch did not sell - despite being a very nice styled watch. probably one of the best Casio designs ever. But after only a year, you could find those watches in season clearance sales with 75% discount: half price of half price.
Being an early adaptor I bought the watch earlier of course. But I managed to get a decent discount, still I found the watch overpriced and until today, I can not explain, why it should be so expensive.