This Casio's new Display and Menu-driven Interface was a real break-through - the first wrist PDA

This Casio left known territory, the different modes of the watch were accessed by two menus. Also the storage capacity had been upgraded to 1.5 KB. I liked this menu-driven Casio and the new rubber keypad was very easy to use compared to the foil keypad of the DBC-610. The display was also completely new: a pixilated display rather then the LCD Display with pre-defined fields. This display could scroll, change font, similar to a computer display. Unfortunately the keyboard got sticky and the LCD segment (as it is quite normal for LCDs) reached its end of life. Never mind, the watch has given me a lot of fun while it lasted and I had certainly played a lot with this best ever MMI (men machine interface) on a Casio watch. Luckily I still have the first touch screen Casio with a similar interface.