My first Casio DataBank, bought in Berne 1988
I still remember the excitement over this watch when I bought it in December 1988 while teaching in Berne. I had bought the watch to chase the boredom of another lonely hotel room evening away. I did not really check the watch in the shop, I thought that the keys were just to enter US phone numbers, I expected a calculator, but I never expected that I could input data records and a schedule! Wow! I staid up very late that evening entering all sort of data I could think of. From that moment on, I would always keep my teaching schedule (date, duration and course number) in the Schedule of a Casio DataBank watch. That is the watch that really sparked the data bank fever :-)
The foil keyboard on this watch was not that easy to use, luckily I have small fingers, so I did not have to use a toothpick or ballpen, which will sooner or later destroy the foil. And I also noticed on other people's DBC-610 that the foil had come off especially at the corners of the keypad. Still, this watch was a technical watch revolution and great innovation.