Digital Analog Data Bank Watch with Personal Data

Call me crazy if you like
But having been working with databases professionally for a long time, I am very fond of database watches. I have been teaching at Digital Equipment for many years. As a teacher you had to have at least 22 teaching weeks a year. And thus, it was very easy to store course number and date into those Casio watches. For a whole year or even more.
I always like traveling and instead of just delivering my 22 course weeks at the Swiss subsidiary, I squeezed in as many courses to teach abroad as possible. Therefore I needed to have a good planning and those Casio Databank watches provided just that.
If I remember right, this watch had a new feature, there were some personal data records (passport nr., driving license nr. etc.) pre-programmed.
This is the second identical Casio, I must have missed in Thailand, because I had left my Swiss collection in Switzerland when I first moved to Thailand. Of course that gave me enough reasons to buy new watches, even identical ones. Here is the anthrazit gray version of the same watch from the former Swiss collection