Alarm Chronograph Telememo 30, 3 Alarms and Double Display

My Civil Service watch
In Switzerland we still have the militia system. Once you are 42, you were transferred to the Civil Service. At least this was the case at my time ;-) The Civil Service had the function to protect the civilians during a war, e.g. had firefighter departments, logistics, Samaritans etc. A central role played the bunkers. Switzerland guaranteed every person a place in a bomb shelter or bunker. Even private houses had to have a bunker built to very tight specifications. This meant, that you had to spend up to USD 100'000 more on building your already expensive house. A typical small row house in Switzerland costs around USD 500'000.
I used to wear this watch during those Civil Service courses, because it had 3 alarms and because it had a neat double display, you could see the time while using the chronograph function. Sorry, but the battery is flat, there is no Civil Service in Thailand ;-) And you will notice, that I almost never replaced the batteries on my Casios, the age made me a mechanical guy.