Speed Memory 100

Speed Memory 100 for Racing Fans
will store 100 lap times, well actually not :-) Unlike the Omega Speedmaster with 100 lap registers, this kind of watches will normally only store the fastest, the average and the total of lap times. So the name is slightly misleading. However, you can press the lap button a hundred times. You can time events that consist of up to 100 laps, that is where the name comes from probably.
It is a very light Casio watch, it is a bit bigger then most of its relatives from its time (ca. 1990) and thanks to its wide bracelet it sits on the wrist nicely.
And there is a real show going on on those subdials while you are timing laps, the Casio engineers always liked to play with those LCD segments :-)
I also find this to be one of the better Casio designs. The inner bezel is nicely skewed and the dial is quite readable despite the many subdials and the LCD display. Also the hands are quite elegant. And of course, that is just MVHO.