Casio AQ-S810W
World Time, 5 Alarms, Timer, Stop Watch, Timer, Oct. 2013

Great wrist presence in my opinion
And I am lucky that the watch measures 46 mm without the buttons. My wife was so impressed with the light weight, I am sure she would have requisitioned it immediately if it was her size. The minute hand is cut-out in order to allow the user to read the LCD. The lume of the hands is very good despite the small luminous area. What I really like about this watch is that everything is kept in a stealthy dark grey except for the white hands. Long gone are the days where Casio's Illuminator designs were, well, not nearly as nice as this one. Have a look at this older Illuminator from my collection where Illuminator was colored in red. But in defense of Casio, at the time the older Illuminator was released, electro-luminescence was a novelty. And Japanese watch companies often advertise technical innovations on their watches.