Casio AQ-S810W
World Time, 5 Alarms, Timer, Stop Watch, Timer, Oct. 2013

It is kind of hard to believe this is not a G-Shock
I suspect Casio is targeting younger customers with less watch budget with these very "G-Shock-like" models. For USD 60 this is a really great package. The watch is of course not as rugged as a real G-Shock. And indicator is the weight of only 42 grams. But seriously, how many times do we need a watch that is able to withstand multiple G-Forces? Probably the same amount as we would require a 500 meter water resistant watch.
I have some older Casio Illuminators in my collection. They were clearly recognizable as less expensive Casios. However this watch is very hard to differentiate from a much more expensive G-Shock. Today I also had a look at the Casio watches that were developed with the help of the British Royal Air Force. But the prices were very steep. Ranging from THB 20'000 to THB 23'000 (USD 640 to 740). Of course, I will keep dreaming of getting one of these RAF Casios one day. The only problem is that for this amount of money, I could also get e.g. a Lum-Tec 500M and then I am quite sure I would go for the Lum-Tec.
However, this great package for USD 60 was a no brainer. For you guys in the USA, you can can get this watch from for as low as USD 37. For you people outside the US, please note that (US) does not ship abroad. You will have to visit an Amazon sister site in Europe instead.