Casio AQ-S810W
World Time, 5 Alarms, Timer, Stop Watch, Timer, Oct. 2013

This dial pattern is called "Diamond Tread"
It reminds of the pattern of industrial metal sheets. The hour indices are very pronounced yet kept in a stealthy grey. I also like how the 3-9-12 float on a separate glass above the solar cells. I like that Casio did not "eat" the 6 hour marker but replaced with an arrow shape.
The digital dial is also interesting. The left half is a dot matrix display whereas the rest consists of number elements. The bar display on the right shows the running seconds. One bar equals one second.
The light button only illuminates the digital display.
The strap is fixed with normal spring bars with access from the back. I am mentioning this because of the four screws. They are not used for the strap. I have not unscrewed them, they might be decoration only. Or a nice redundancy for the screws of the case back.