Casio AQ-S810W
World Time, 5 Alarms, Timer, Stop Watch, Timer, Oct. 2013

The only luminous parts of the dial are the hands
The digital display can be lit with the LIGHT button. It lights up the LCD with an orange light for about 3 seconds or longer if you keep the LIGHT button pressed. You can also set the LCD lighting duration to one second. I am not going to write about all the functions here. That is why this caliber 5208 came with a manual. But I am going to mention that Casio always surprises with added functionality. This watch contains a so called dual timer. You start Timer 1 and then it reaches the countdown time, Timer 2 will start to count down. In addition you can specify how many times the two-timer operation should be repeated. Repeat settings range from 1 to 10. The idea for this double timer is e.g. interval training. An example: you run for 5 minutes and then rest for 1 minute. And you repeat this 10 times. You set timer 1 to 5 minutes and timer 2 for 1 minute. The double timer will count down for 5 minutes, the watch beeps and then timer 2 starts to countdown. When timer 2 has counted down, the watch beeps again and the whole cycle is repeated for another 9 times.
Another feature is worth mentioning. I really love travel watches that can swap the home with the world time. For this model, toggle to the World Time mode and select a World Time City and then hold ADJUST and LIGHT until the watch beeps. Now the world time is the new home time.
I also like that the analog hands are synced with the digital time. If you set the time, make sure you set the digital time and after adjusting the digital time, the analog hands will move automatically to the new time. Should the analog and digital time go out of sync for whatever reason, the watch allows you to set the analog hands too. Another nice feature is that the tone when pressing a key can be muted. It is muted as the factory setting. To turn it on, you will have to press the ADJUST button in Time Keeping Mode and then cycle through the settings until you reach KEY.