Casio Illuminator MTD-1049

After having recovered from the jet lag traveling to the PMWFerence 06 ...
my vision returned to a point where I could spot a fog like film on the inside of the crystal. Great! I had now a reason to disassemble the watch. I love that as much as I love wearing them. Trying to see what is inside and how watches are built was always as fascinating as their designs.
Be careful: the top LED fell out when disassembling the watch. The two LEDs feet are mounted between two contact springs. Those are only visible with a loupe. When I first assembled this watch, the 12 o'clock LED was not always making good contact. So I had to disassemble the watch again and discovered that the LED feet have to be inserted between two tiny springs on the circuit board. The rest of the assembly is fairly straight forward, although the spring load of the battery (CR2016) holder is quite stiff and requires a confident push down on the battery when re-inserting.