Casio Flip Top FTP-30 Calculator/Databank

Keys are nicer to use then on the more sophisticated gold-plated Flip Top IA-1000
This is definitely a "before mobile phone era" watch. Today everybody uses the mobile phone's directory and calculator. Thus this watch is barely a milestone and witness of Casio's very busy model palette and also a testimony for the normally very limited life cycle of those watches.
On a side note: the strap had completely deteriorated after ca. 9 years. Luckily I found an original Casio replacement strap. The difference is that the strap is a bit thinner and the rubber seems to be different too. Also the plastic buckle is signed CASIO whereas the original buckle (watch purchased ca. 1992 in Switzerland) was rounded and unsigned. I am just adding this to helping you identify the authenticity of your eventual FTP-30 vintage purchase.