Casio Quartz "Diver" 100 m WR 1332 MTD 1037

Beaters and stray dogs in Bangkok
I managed to hit a concret lamp pole last Sunday on the way to the tennis court wearing my Casio beater... I was walking to the tennis court and was trying avoid two curious stray dogs (we got probably 500'000 or so of them and they carry a whole array of diseases!) and then slightly touched a lamp pole intelligently placed in the middle of the side walk.

Only later at home I realized how lucky I was. There are two scratches on the turning bezel and there is a small chip off the crystal and a small scratch. The crystal obviously protected the aluminum bezel insert. Of course it is always painful to scratch any watch, even this one IS my designated beater. Now it has its first real life "scars" ;-)

Still I think I have been more then lucky not to visibly damage the bezel markings! I took a close-up of the "damage" so I do not have to find the watch and put on the reading glasses to have a look at it again. Watch crazy people like to check again and again on such "small disasters" :)